2:22 pm - Tuesday November 21, 2017

Dems Statement on the Selection of Ryan as the GOP VP Nominee

Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio’s Statement on the Selection of Paul Ryan as the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee

“Today we found out that Mitt Romney has selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate on the Republican ticket. With this news just breaking, the media is rushing to report on Rep. Ryan’s background, personal story, and tidbits from his career in Washington. But the bottom line is quite simple: the Romney-Ryan agenda fights for trillions in tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires while ending Medicare as we know it, privatizing Social Security, and raising taxes by as much as $2,000 a year for middle class families.

“Congressman Ryan is best known for his work as Chairman of the House Budget Committee, where his plan would end our current Medicare program and instead give seniors a voucher to cover only some of the cost of their health coverage. The change would mean massive costs for seniors while making it more difficult to find quality healthcare services. Chairman Ryan was also a strong supporter of George Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security.

“Mitt Romney has already endorsed the Ryan budget, and when you also consider his tax plan that offers $5 trillion in special cuts for millionaires while raising taxes on middle class families, it’s clear that working families are not priorities for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

“While Paul Ryan may be new to the Republican ticket, his agenda is just more of what Mitt Romney wants. With more work to be done to bring us to our full potential, we can’t go off and lavish attention on billionaires while the middle class gets ignored.

“Instead, President Obama and Vice President Biden have a clear road map for American strength and prosperity and it includes all of us, not just those at the very top. It starts with the basic premise that makes our country great: America prospers when hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded, and everyone gets a fair shot, does their fair share and plays by the same set of rules.

“Election Day will be here before we know it. For the next twelve weeks, our nation will have a discussion about the path we want to take to move America forward. Then we, the American people, must decide which direction we take as a nation – not just in the next four years, but for generations to come. That’s what’s at stake; an economy built from the top-down, or from the middle class-out; everyone fending for themselves, or everyone pitching in and working together. Moving backward with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, or moving forward with President Obama and Vice President Biden.”



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