8:47 pm - Monday February 19, 2018

“Corazón Apasionado” Premieres In México On TV Azteca


Produced in High Definition (HD) by Venevision Productions, “Corazon Apasionado” showcases stellar acting by Guy Ecker, Marlene Favela and Susana Dosamantes


Venevision International, a global entertainment company of the Cisneros Group of Companies, announces the grand premiere in Mexico of the moving telenovela “Corazon Apasionado” [Passions of the Heart], starring Guy Ecker and Marlene Favela.  Written by Alberto Gomez, this compelling story featuring veteran Mexican actress Susana Dosamantes in a stellar role begins on Monday, August 20th, at 4:00 PM (CDT) on channel Azteca Trece.


“We are thrilled with the debut of ‘Corazon Apasionado’ in Mexico, but mostly it motivates us in our determination to strengthen the Venevision’ corporate brand as one synonymous with quality, provding our clients with products with the highest standard of production,” stated Cesar Diaz, Vice President of Sales of Venevision International.  “The success of our global commercialization strategy begins with the excellence of our production companies in creating and providing first-rate programming that showcases brilliant universal stories, outstanding casts with prominent international stars, great settings and scenery, and exceptional production elements – all the essentials masterfully incorporated into ‘Corazon Apasionado’.”


Produced in High Definition (HD) by Venevision Productions, “Corazon Apasionado” presents three sisters, each one very different from the others despite the fact that they were all raised by their grandmother Doña Ursula (Susana Dosamantes), who manages her ranch with an iron fist.  Doña Ursula will do everything possible to ensure none of her granddaughters fall in love with a person of a lower socio-economic level; nevertheless one of her granddaughters will become entangled in a romantic web and find herself attracted to the least desirable man, but one who can bring out her most deepest feelings.

“Corazon Apasionado” features a stellar international cast of remarkable actors and actresses, such as Lorena Meritano, Luis Jose Santander, Jose Guillermo Cortines, Jessica Mas, Daniela Navarro, Adrian Carvajal, Fernando Carrera, Marcelo Buquet, Dayana Garroz, Scarlett Gruber, Natalia Ramirez, Raul Izaguirre, Carlos Augusto Maldonado, Gaby Rivero, Hector Soberon, Carlos Guillermo Haydon, Paulo Quevedo, Eduardo Ibarrola, Cristian Carabias, Beatriz Arroyo, Carlos Cruz, Beatriz Monrroy, Miguel Gutierrez, Patricia De Leon and Carlos Yusti, to mention a few.


In addition to its debut in Mexico, “Corazon Apasionado” has been successful broadcasted in a number of countries, including the United States, Spain, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Latvia, Chile, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Canada, Lithuania, Estonia, Honduras, Georgia, Nicaragua, Russia, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela; and soon it’s expected to be programmed in Bolivia, Hungry, Guatemala and Paraguay; to list some of the markets where it has been acquired.


“Corazon Apasionado” chronicles the life of Patricia (Marlene Favela), a young and beautiful girl who is completely in-love with her boyfriend Marcos Perez (Jose Guillermo Cortines).  But it is a clandestine love since her stern grandmother, Doña Ursula (Susana Dosamantes), would never accept that fact that her favorite granddaughter is infatuated with a mere worker at the hacienda she manages with an iron hand.  The young loving couple attempts to escape unaware that Patricia’s father, Bruno Montesinos (Marcelo Buquet), plans to sell her to cover a gambling debt.  On a fateful night, events unfold that affect them all: Marcos is badly wounded trying to save his beloved, while Bruno is imprisoned for his actions.


Two years later, Patricia, having given up on love and dedicated to her work, takes the reins of the ranch ‘La Generala’ along with his grandmother, Doña Ursula.  Unexpectedly, Armando Marcano (Guy Ecker), son of a domestic employee of the hacienda, arrives at the ranch; an agricultural engineer, he fast becomes foreman.  Immediately, there are clashes between Patricia and Armando; and among the quarrels and emotional confrontations emerges the flame of an uncontrollable love that strikes them with great force.  Also arriving at the ranch is Fedora (Jessica Mas), a cousin of Patricia who ws Armando’s former lover, and the rivalry between the two women for the love of the same man ignites the souls of these three characters.


Patricia and Armando struggle and face a thousand obstacles in search for the joy they so longed for; and when everything seems to indicate that nothing, nor anyone else, can no longer come between them, a ghost from the past returns, someone forgotten who comes to claim what is his.  Before them appears Marcos Perez, who everyone, including Patricia, believed to be dead.  Now, all the cards are on the table and the future of Patricia and Armando becomes uncertain, gloomy.  Only the power of love can save them now.



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