3:19 pm - Tuesday February 25, 7502

Australian sport need more funding to compete with Great Britain

Coming towards the end of another four year cycle, Rob Fildes, President and Chairman, Athletics Australia has expressed his delight with the results the governing body has achieved, but believes future success is dependent on government funding.

“We, like many countries, do need more funding to be able to all the things we want and need to do to keep abreast with the rest of the world because when you come to the Olympics you realise how much the focus and emphasis from certain countries has helped them to improve enormously,” said Fildes.

“There is no better example than Great Britain, which has had massive funding.”

Fildes believes having home advantage is a major factor to Great Britain’s success and that the entire spectacle bared resemblance to the Sydney 2000 Olympics. “The actual running of the event, the hospitality, and the volunteers has been absolutely fantastic. It reminds me very much of Sydney, where people say that was wonderful and friendly,” said Fildes.

“The atmosphere in the stadium is superb. The British enthusiasm is overwhelming, but good on them. They have soundly beaten us in terms of medals, but we hope to be back at least on equal footing with them by Rio 2016.”

Rob Fildes spoke to iSportconnect Editor Edward Rangsi in an exclusive ‘Featured Profile’ interview. Click on the link  to read the entire interview: http://bit.ly/swA7tW



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