10:43 pm - Tuesday January 23, 2018

ABC’S “Nightline” Designates Miami As The New Latin ‘Tinseltown’

Miami: La capital de las telenovelasVenevision Productions is proud of its contributions to the industry in Miami, producing internationally successful telenovelas, such as “Eva Luna”, since 2004


A pioneer in the genre, the Cisneros Group of Companies has been producing telenovelas in South Florida since 1998



ABC’s “Nightline” classified the city of Miami as the new Latin ‘Tinseltown’ for being the mecca in the production of telenovelas, that’s how it was described during the television news magazine’s segment, which aired on Thursday night, August 16th.  The informative piece, seen by millions around the world, highlighted the programming produced by Venenvision Productions, one of the Cisneros Group’s production companies, with images and information about its internationally successful telenovelas “Eva Luna” and “El Talisman.”



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