11:27 am - Sunday February 18, 2018

92nd Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote

Kathleen Ryan

DENVER – It was 92 years ago Sunday (August 26) that the 19th Amendment passed, giving women in the United States the right to vote. But some worry that women still don’t have full economic or political equality.

Bridget Kaminetsky, membership and campaigns coordinator for the Colorado chapter of 9to5 National Association of Working Women, is worried that women will become disenfranchised this election season – although she notes they make up more than half of the electorate. She says many candidates aren’t pushing female-friendly policies.

“Women need to go out and vote because their views are not always represented by those who are in power. We need to make sure that who we put in office is really listening to us.”

It’s important for candidates not to just say they support families and jobs, she adds – but to actually support policies that benefit women and families. Another key issue for working women this election season is employer-paid sick days, says Kaminetsky.

“Americans just can’t afford to get sick. Right now, during these tough economic times, no one should have to lose that income – or worse, their job – because they or someone else gets sick.”

According to the National Partnership on Women and Families, if workers earned seven paid sick days a year, the U.S. economy would experience a net annual savings of $160 billion as a result of increased productivity and reduced turnover.

More information about Women’s Equality Day is online at 9to5.org.

On Sunday, Colorado 9to5 is holding a benefit brunch at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California St., Denver, to celebrate women’s voting rights and remind them to remain engaged in the election process.



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