2:28 pm - Tuesday November 21, 2017

Diego El Cigala, “Cigala & Tango”

DIEGO EL CIGALA “Cigala & Tango”, available in  physical version for the first time in the United States and Puerto Rico

The critically acclaimed album Cigala &Tango is available in US and Puerto Rico stores for the very first time.  Diego El Cigala’s latest release, a new adventure for one of the most influential Flamenco artists of this generation, flirts with Argentinean music after his massive success marrying flamenco with Cuban music and boleros.


 Spanish flamenco artist Diego El Cigala’s new album “Cigala & Tango”, recorded live at the famous Gran Rex Theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina last year, is available for the very first time today in stores in the United States and Puerto Rico.  The album is comprised of music from that one nigh when musicians from both sides of the world – new and old – came together for a magical concert dubbed by the local press as one  where “Flamenco and Tango shook hands”.


“Cigala & Tango” is composed of 11 songs in which Diego studies the classic and contemporary repertoire  of Argentina’s most beloved music: tango. Diego was joined by Argentinean artists such as  Andrés Calamaro, Néstor Marconi and Juanjo Domínguez, and by his loyal Spanish Band (guitarist Diego El Morao, Cuban upright bass Yelsy Heredia, pianist Jaime Calabuig ‘Jumitus’, and percussionist Sabú Porrina). The Madrid-born crooner sings tango classics with a Flamenco flare once sang by Tango’s greatest: Gardel, Ástor Piazzolla and Atahualpa Yupanqui including the songs “Tus ojos se cerraron”, “El día que me quieras”, and the more recent “Garganta con arena”.


“Diego has a permanent will to fly and find beauty in random moments, a need that is born within his soul”, journalist Juan Cruz wrote in the album’s artwork.  After flirting with so many genres in his career, it is not strange for Diego’s followers to see him dabble with tango. In his album Lagrimas Negras (2005) he visited Cuban music and Latin jazz alongside Cuban pianist Bebo Valdés and in 2007’s Dos Lágrimas, he embraced boleros.



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