6:15 am - Monday December 11, 2017

Struggling with sleep apnea?

Good news for the residents of Colorado that struggle with sleep apnea

I am emailing you on the behave of the American Sleep Apnea
Association to ask you place this article in your newspaper, blog, and
magazine. We understand that you use your paper to service, inform,
and empower the residents of Colorado and we think it would be a great
disservice to the residents of your state if you didn’t inform them
and empower them against sleep apnea. Sleep Apneas is a condition
that at its least harmless significantly lowers their quality of life,
at it’s very worst could cause a person to stop breathing altogether.
The best way to manage sleep apnea is with a CPAP mask, which will
provide a continuous positive airway pressure.

You may be asking yourself, “Sleep apnea happens in Colorado as well
as other states. Is there another reason why I should place this
article in my newspaper?” Yes, there is another reason why you should
place this article. The CPAP machine is sold/available primarily
through offices in cities located in your state. Not only will you be
empowering and motivating your readers to control a condition that
robs them of a restful night’s sleep, you are also encouraging them to
help the local economy as well.




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