7:02 am - Friday December 15, 2017

Springs Dog Rescue Group to the Call of Duty!

Words cannot adequately express how amazed and grateful we are by the outpouring of community support we have received over the last several days, due to the Waldo Canyon Fire evacuations.

We have been able to provide safe harbor for dozens of pets whose owners have been evacuated, thanks to the hundreds of offers for help we received from what we are proud to call our “All Breed Rescue & Training community.”
Volunteers came in to walk all of the dogs we took in. To help with feeding them, and providing medication when needed. To help with changing cat litter boxes, as well as helping to keep the cages clean of the rabbits and the ferret brought in. To help run errands. To help with organizing the incredible teams of people who came in with one question on their lips. “How can we help?” Many of these volunteers worked through the night with the ABRT staff, and returned the very next day ready to help more.
And then there are the folks who brought in the items we so badly needed during this time, where our resources only weren’t nearly enough to keep up with the needs of the crisis. Food and supplies for the animals, as well as for the humans who were working so hard to keep them as comfortable as possible! Everything we posted on our Facebook page as a “need” was met within the hour – every time!
And let’s not forget the donations which came pouring in this week. ABRT completely shut down it’s “business” side on Saturday afternoon in order to begin preparations for taking in evacuated pets, and is still closed as we speak. The loss of income that results during such a time can be devastating for any business, let alone a non-profit organization. Thanks to your donations, and of those from your family and friends around the country. It has allowed us to continue assisting the evacuees and their pets for as long as we need to.

“Unheard of”
“A miracle”
“Beyond belief”

These are just some of the words heard in the ABRT facility since this terrifying fire descended upon us to describe the tremendous amount of support we have received this week. It has been, literally, beyond anything we could have imagined.
We know this tragedy isn’t over yet. Once the fire has been 100% contained there will still be months, if not years, of rebuilding and healing for our community. If the actions of the ABRT community are any indication of what lies ahead, then the recovery effort will be filled with selflessness, hope, courage, and a commitment to work together for the good of all.



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