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Applications for Spirit of the Springs Funding Requests Now Available

The Waldo Canyon Fire created disruptions for many of our citizens, so the City has decided to extend the deadline to accept Spirit of the Springs funding requests from June 29 to July 20.

The inaugural Mayor’s Cup golf tournament raised more than $50,000 for the Spirit of the Springs program and now the committee charged with allocating the proceeds is ready to accept applications for funding requests. Applications can be found on www.bachsoffice.com and must be turned in by July 20, 2012. Funding decisions will be announced by the committee in late July/early August.

In order to be considered for funding, the project should achieve the objectives of the Spirit of the Springs initiatives. The three primary objectives are:

  1. Celebrate and Connect Colorado Springs

There are many reasons to celebrate Colorado Springs.  We have one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a vibrant arts and culture scene, great parks, and trails that foster an outdoor, healthy lifestyle.  We can further the City of Colorado Springs by celebrating our current community traditions and creating new events to showcase the best our city offers.

  1. Cultivate Future City Government Leadership

The success of Colorado Springs depends on its future leaders. We need to grow city leaders for our future and create more diversity in the city workforce. By engaging with our youth as early as middle and high school, they will choose to grow up and stay, work and play in Colorado Springs.

  1. Encourage Citizen Involvement with the City.

There are many citizens in Colorado Springs that want to help make our city better. Sometimes, they just are not sure where to start or how best to help.  The goal is to connect those individuals with community organizations who could benefit from their time and commitment.

Questions should be directed to Donna Nelson, Economic Vitality Specialist, at dznelson@springsgov.com.



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