5:44 pm - Thursday December 14, 2017

Sing! Perform! Travel! Be a part of the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale

Do you have a child that sings everywhere he (or she) goes… in the shower or the school choir and during every mile of the family road-trip? Does your 7 year old already have a garage band? Is he always so excited for the new season of singing shows to start that he is just about to burst! Does he dream that it will be him up there one day soon? The Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale is a great place to start him down the road to his own performance experience!


The Children’s Chorale will hold auditions for their treble choirs on Saturday, July 21 2012, from 9 am – 12 pm at the Children’s Chorale studios – 3022 N. El Paso Street.  Children in grades 1 – 8 who love to sing and perform are invited to audition.  No experience is required!  Audition reservations can be made by calling the Children’s Chorale at 633-3562.  Be prepared to sing the first verse of America the Beautiful and give an enthusiastic introduction of yourself.  For more information about being a part of the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale call us at 633-3562 or visit our website at www.kidssing.org.


Being involved in the Children’s Chorale provides an excellent foundation for young performers of the future, with instruction in singing, acting, choreography, music theory, and performance basics.  Even if your child wants to be a doctor, pilot, scientist or teacher, the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale is still a great place for him! Of course, music is at the center of our programs, but at the Children’s Chorale, learning the skill of commitment is the foundation of our success.  As a member of the Children’s Chorale your child will also have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to grow into terrific mentors and leaders, developing integrity and the ability to interact in a variety of social and cultural situations.


The Children’s Chorale’s vision is “sharing our dreams of a better world through song”, and their regional, national and international touring opportunities take young singers across borders with this message as they share their music and dreams!  Recent tours have included Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Eastern Europe, and our tour choir’s recent once-in-a-lifetime experience of touring and sharing their dreams of a better world in the nation of South Africa!  Nationally, recent tours have taken them to Salt Lake City, Chicago, Tucson, and New York City, where they have performed at Carnegie Hall under the baton of composer Eric Whitacre for the premier of his opera, Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings. They have also performed at the Juilliard School, where they received critical acclaim from the choral music staff.


All of the Chorale’s talented singers (in grades 1 – 12) work hard each season to prepare blockbuster concerts that boldly stretch outside the box of the typical youth choir performance into stage productions that rival any musical group, with a choral twist! Energetic choreography, staging and great music performed with the excellence that is the trademark of this international award-winning organization bring audiences to their feet concert after concert!


Come join the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale for an experience you’ll never forget! Call 633-3562 to set up an appointment for your audition



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