2:58 am - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Pikes Peak America’s Mountain Cycling Event: July 14th

Summit Cycling Productions and Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain announced today
that the 3rd annual Red Noland Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb will take place, as
planned on Saturday, July 14th.

The Colorado Springs area had seen other events recently cancelled due
to the Waldo Canyon Fire, but officials felt that with the recent progress announced that the
ride and race would be able to be held as originally scheduled.

Officials cited the following as recent reported improvements:

* The reopening of Highway 24
* Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain is open
* The Cog railway to the summit of Pikes Peak is open
* The fire at press time is 70% contained
* Nearly all evacuees have been allowed to return to their homes
* Officials have announced July 12 as the date they believe they will
have complete
containment of the Fire

“The past 12 days have been incredibly difficult for everyone in this
area. We are
excited about the positive news regarding the containment of the fire,
the reopening
of major roads and landmarks and of course our friends and neighbors
returning to
their homes.” Stated Event Director, Pat McDonough. “We are quite happy that the
Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb will in a small way mark that our area
is ready to
welcome everyone back to the Springs.”



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