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People living with HIV

People living with HIV call for stronger focus on access to quality
treatment, human
rights and involvement

Washington DC/ Amsterdam, 20 July 2012: LIVING2012: the Positive
Leadership Summit
ended today on a high note with people living with HIV making a strong
call to global
leaders in the HIV response to increase access to quality treatment, protect and

promote the rights of people living with HIV and involve people with
HIV in scaling
up the HIV response.

People living with HIV from 85 countries met for the last two days in Washington
DC at this 13th International Conference for people living with HIV,
an official
preconference to AIDS2012.

“LIVING2012 has been an amazing opportunity for people living with HIV
to meet and
discuss the issues that matter the most to all of us,” said Kevin Moody, CEO of
the Global Network of People living with HIV (GNP+). “These global meetings are
essential to determine common ground amongst people living with HIV
and to define
how the HIV response can be more effective, efficient and inclusive.”

During the Summit, discussions focused on three areas of concern to
people living
with HIV: Access to Treatment, Prevention, Care and Support; Human
Rights; and Community
Development and Activism.

Around these themes, people living with HIV called for protective laws
to be implemented,
enforced and monitored by all governments and other agencies. Human
rights protections
must include equality for women, men having sex with men, LGBT populations, sex
workers and people who use drugs. The strong consensus was that stigma
and discrimination,
in particular HIV criminalization, is a violation of human dignity impeding the
HIV response at all levels.

With participants from many different countries, all had different
experiences regarding
access to treatment, prevention, care and support. However, there was
a strong demand
that access to quality treatment and prevention should be available to
all people
and inclusive of all key populations. This access can only be achieved
when it happens under the umbrella of Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention.

In addition, the preventive effects of quality treatment are an
important opportunity
to make great leaps in stopping new infections. However, there was no consensus
formed because of concerns about the lack of scientific evidence for
early treatment;
issues regarding possible human rights violations; and the need to focus access
to treatment

based on medical needs of people living with HIV first, rather than
public health

LIVING2012 participants called on the community of people living with HIV to be
inclusive in their activism and leadership to be able to effectively address the
needs of all people living with HIV, specifically youth, women and
members of key
populations such as men who have sex with men, sex workers and people
who use drugs.

Participants at LIVING2012 will bring forward these messages to
AIDS2012 to discuss
and highlight the real needs of people living with HIV during
workshops and other
sessions. In addition, people will take back to their communities these combined
learning experiences and advocacy messages.

LIVING2012, the 13th International Conference of People living with
HIV, is organized
by the Global Network of People living with HIV (GNP+). The LIVING2012
and process is supported by the LIVING Partnership, a consortium of
committed to strengthening the movement of people living with HIV and
their communities.
Read more at www.living2012.org or www.gnpplus.net



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