5:24 pm - Sunday December 10, 2017

Moms Deliver Letter to Colorado Senators

Local Moms Travel to D.C. to Deliver Letter to CO Senators Signed by Constituents Statewide

As the oil and gas industry moves full speed ahead with the fracking boom, residents across the state are organizing to protect their health, environment, property values, way of life and communities from the impacts of oil and natural gas
extraction, including fracking. Two Colorado mothers, Jodee Brekke of Denver and Diana Caile of Boulder, traveled to Washington D.C. to join a nationwide coalition of citizens, communities and organizations for the Stop the Frack
Attack events, ongoing since Wednesday, July 25, and culminating in a mass rally and march today. Yesterday, Ms. Brekke and Ms. Caile met with staff at Senator Udall and Senator Bennet’s offices to deliver a letter imploring the senatorsto discontinue their rhetoric about the benefits of oil and natural gas extraction and move for a national moratorium on fracking. The letter was signed by 262 individuals from Colorado, as well as 17 grassroots groups and nonprofits from
throughout the state, representing thousands more. Additionally, approximately 1500 people from throughout the country and even globally signed on to the letter in solidarity. Among them, Yoko Ono, cofounder of Artists Against
“Since our elected officials and government agencies aren’t protecting our basic human and constitutional rights to clean air and water and from numerous other threats imposed on us by the oil and gas industry, then we need to call them to task,” said Ms. Brekke. Ms. Caile said, “the state is suing communities that want to keep the heavy industrial, toxic process of fracking away from neighborhoods and children’s schools. It doesn’t belong there. Period. Our government
should be protecting the people of Colorado, not corporate profits at our expense.”
The Mothers Project, Inc. is launching in Colorado and is hosting the letter to the senators. Founded in March, 2012, by Angela Monti Fox, mother of Josh Fox, creator of the documentary Gasland, The Mothers Project is a coalition of
mothers advocating for immediate, full-scale investments in renewable energy and opposing extreme fossil fuel extraction, including fracking and its attendant impacts. Currently active in New York and Pennsylvania, where there is
widespread opposition to fracking, The Mothers Project provides support to grassroots groups fighting to protect their health, environment and communities.

To view the letter and add your name, go to TheMothersProject.org and click on the slide that says Calling On Mothers at the top. In addition to Yoko Ono, Artists Against Fracking includes artists such as Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney,
Sean Lennon and Robert DeNiro, among many others. Learn more about Artists Against Fracking at www.artistsagainstfracking.com.

Participants in the D.C. rally include Bill McKibben of 350.org; Allison Chin, Sierra Club President; Josh Fox, Director of Gasland; Dr. Catherine Thomasson, Physicians for Social Responsibilities, plus several citizens from affected communities.



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