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Solving the Heartland’s Methamphetamine Situation

Why Demand Reduction Must be Part of Solving the Heartland’s Methamphetamine Situation
Narconon spokesperson explains why the meth problem will never be able to be arrested out of existence; rehab that eliminates demand must occur in volume as well.

News reports from both Oklahoma and Missouri place these two states at the forefront of the fight against methamphetamine manufacture and abuse. While Missouri is once again the top state for highest number of meth labs seized with 2,096, the Tulsa area reached a record number of seizures at 429 labs worked in 2011. Statewide, there were 902 labs seized, putting Oklahoma in the top five states according to The Commercial Appeal.

If, as noted in a report from the Library of Congress, only ten percent of drugs being manufactured are seized, this paints an even grimmer picture of drug manufacturing in the heartland. This would mean that as many as twenty thousand homes, buildings or motel rooms are being contaminated each year in Missouri, with many thousands or so in Oklahoma as well.

Shake and Bake Method is Behind the Rise in Number of Labs

As reported by many media, the rise in meth lab statistics is due to the newest method of manufacturing methamphetamine, the one-pot or “shake and bake” method that only requires a shortlist of chemicals and a two liter plastic bottle. It has been said that a person could acquire everything needed for a batch of meth in a Walmart store. In fact, two women have been arrested as they walked around Walmart stores, carrying a bubbling batch of methamphetamine, the most recent in December 2011 according to Fox News.

“We must have law enforcement personnel taking the drug dealers off the street as fast as possible,” stated Derry Hallmark, Director of Admissions for Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma, a non-profit drug rehabilitation facility. “But there will always be others willing to take their places.”

“The way we will make headway is to fight the demand for this destructive drug through rehabilitation and prevention,” he continued. “At Narconon Arrowhead, we have helped more than ten thousand people reduce their demand for drugs and we have reached hundreds of thousands of young people with an anti-drug message. Efforts like these must expand and flank those of law enforcement.”

Detoxification and Life Skills are Part of Lasting Recovery

When a meth user can detoxify the body from the effects of past drugs used and then learn the life skills that enable sober decisions to be made, then he or she has a good shot at being able to stay sober. This, in a nutshell, describes the way Narconon approaches helping a person overcome addiction to drugs like methamphetamine.

“Each person must have a solution to the cravings, guilt and depression that are experienced by every person who arrives at our door,” explained Mr. Hallmark. “As our rehab program gives those in recovery the tools to eliminate these factors of addiction, they can learn that they are no longer addicted to any drug.”



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