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Leslie Grace makes her musical debut in “Premios Juventud 2012”

Premios Juventud

The budding singer will perform her new single “Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow”

Grace makes her musical debut backed by Top Stop Music, one of the leading independent Latin labels in the U.S. “She is a performer with great charisma, one of the most promising voices in the Latin genre,” said Sergio George, president of the record company

Top Stop Music will soon introduce its up and coming pop star to a wider audience. Blessed with both talent and beauty, Leslie Grace is undoubtedly one of the most promising figures in the Latin genre today.
She will be singing her first single live on July 19 at the “Premios Juventud 2012” awards ceremony on Univision T.V. Her single “Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow” is a soulful, bilingual adaptation of the perennial classic love song, co-written by the iconic Carole King and made popular in the 60s by the all-girl group The Shirelles.
Grace is on a promotional tour all over the U.S. She has finished the music video for “Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow,” complete with retro backdrop reminiscent of the early 60s, the time when the song first became a huge hit. She also manages to look like a singer from that era, except that her melody incorporates a hint of the contagious Bachata Pop. 
This long-awaited debut will prove once and for all the raw artistic talent and magnetic presence of this young singer born in New York of Dominican parents. “She is a performer with great charisma and one of the most promising voices in the Latin genre,” said Sergio George, president of the record company.
George, a distinguished producer and composer in his own right, who has received multiple Grammy awards, admitted that he had been looking for a long time for a female voice that would generate a new concept within the genre, after revolutionizing the industry years earlier with such figures as Marc Anthony, Jennifer López, Celia Cruz, Olga Tañón, Chayanne, Gloria Trevi, Ricardo Arjona, Víctor Manuelle, Paulina Rubio, Christina Aguilera, India, Jenni Rivera and later with Prince Royce. “When I heard Leslie for the first time, I knew the search was finally over,” he said.
Grace has been working on a new album scheduled to debut in early 2013 and produced by Top Stop Music, one of the leading independent Latin labels in the U.S. Other artists represented by the company are Prince Royce, nominate for multiple Grammy awards, the salsa heartthrob Luis Enrique and Toby Love, among others.
The “Premios Juventud” Awards Ceremony is broadcast annually by the Spanish-language network Univisión and is considered the largest Hispanic youth celebration in the United States. It is transmitted every summer so that the younger generation may honor its nascent stars.



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