3:16 am - Thursday December 14, 2017

Leading Colorado Online Educator Leads Provost Academy

The new Executive Director of Provost Academy Colorado, Ian Jones brings not only his years of experience in education as both an administrator and teacher; but also his leadership and vision as a pioneer in the use of online education and blended learning technology to open the classroom to the world and accelerate learning for Colorado students.


“Education needs to advance the development of students who have increased options in a dynamic and challenging society,” Jones said. “At Provost Academy Colorado, we are excited to not only provide a quality online learning experience, but we have also increased our blended instructional programming in the areas of academic field trips, service learning projects, and concurrent enrollment options.”


Provost Academy is a state-authorized public online school that is free of charge to residents of Colorado. In contrast to other online learning programs and traditional school settings, Provost Academy uses a proprietary modular curriculum design, so courses are adapted to fit a student’s individual needs. Content can be rearranged and customized for individual learning paths based on testing and discussions with academic advisors and instructors.


Jones brings a valuable knowledge and innovative educational experience to his new position. He began his career in education as a middle school Social Studies teacher in North Carolina. He also has served as an instructional designer and technologist for school districts in both North Carolina and Colorado. His work in professional development, instructional systems design, teacher/administrator support, and infusing technology into brick & mortar classrooms has led him to be a presenter at many prominent national and regional conferences.


“Designing school programs and instructional systems that provide students with opportunities to learn in a variety of environments, explore their interests and passions, make decisions based on the analysis of information, and communicate in a manner that promotes universal personal, community, and societal growth,” Jones said. “I am excited to advance these efforts at Provost Academy.”


Prior to assuming his role as Executive Director, he spent two years as Director of Instruction for Provost Academy Colorado. He earned his B.A. in Education, Theater Arts, and Social Studies and an M.S. in Instructional Technology through the University of North Carolina system.


Provost Academy Colorado is currently enrolling students in grades 9 through 12 for the coming school year online at www.co.provostacademy.com or by phone at 888.472.2656.




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