12:34 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

Innovation at Harvard

Crimson Oak’s Learning Agility Report: Inspired by Innovation at Harvard

Barefoot professors and
rebellious government officials prominently feature in
Crimson Oak Academy’s bold special report
(http://tinyurl.com/d7e65kx) on Learning Agility. The report
— a reframing of learning agility latticed onto select
Harvard innovation initiatives — provides actionable
insights for recent college graduates who are dogged by 50%
under-employment. The MBA prep and career leadership
development provider, Crimson Oak, has produced a timely

The report advocates a five-part framework: 1) Pattern
Recognition 2) Team Orientation / Collaboration 3)
Brain-storming 4) Meaning 5) Empathy. The framework refines
the industry standard definition of the term “learning
agility” and adds a fifth separate element — empathy. In
tying the model to Harvard’s recent innovative initiatives,
the Crimson Oak team sought to provide readers with model
behavior from one of the wealthiest and most prestigious
universities in the world. Crimson Oak advocates for a more
agile learning mindset to confront rapidly changing contexts
of the 21st century. “This report provides readers with a
framework based on empathy for sustained success. The
context has shifted. Young professionals, in particular,
face a tight labor market and ultra-competitive academic
admissions process. In simplifying the complex, we hope to
equip our readers with enduring insights and to encourage
that they foster an agile mindset for their career success,”
stated Olga Artman, Leadership Development Manager of
Crimson Oak Academy.

The report is housed on Crimson Oak’s Grow & Lead Career
Leadership Blog http://blog.CrimsonOakAcademy.com, which
comprises of original case studies, essays, interviews and
articles. Over the next several weeks, the firm will more
deeply articulate the tenets of their Learning Agility
framework with an exclusive webinar series.

To directly enroll at the Academy, please visit us at
http://www.CrimsonOakAcademy.com. To learn more about
Crimson Oak Academy, please email

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