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Imagination Celebration’s Dragon Theatre Soars This Weekend


— Tickets Available Now for This Community-Inclusive Production —

This weekend, Dragon Theatre Productions, in conjunction with Imagination celebration, presents “Soaring Above: Community Dragon Stories You’ll Love,” a collection of original stories about dragons by local members of the community. This original production will be produced this Friday, August 3 at 7:30 pm and Saturday, August 4 at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm. Dragon Theatre has found an exciting new home this season in Colorado College’s Cornerstone Arts Theater. Tickets priced at $10.00 for community and $5.00 for students are now available for advance purchase at www.dragontheatreproductions.com or at the door.

“Soaring Above: Community Dragon Stories You’ll Love” is a collection of stories about dragons who stay at Castle Columns, a healing place for nearby dragons, knights, and princesses to rest and recoup. When the Magic Egg is stolen by the evil Shadow King, the dragons must go on a quest to retrieve the egg and restore their fading flames. Along the way, they make friends, overcome fears, and learn what it really takes to bring Dragonfire back: wisdom, courage, loyalty, friendship and love.

When asked about Dragon Theatre’s new move to the Cornerstone Arts Theater, director Cyndi Parr said, “We’re excited to be partnering with Colorado College this year and to be performing in the Cornerstone Theater. The size and professionalism of the stage offer our growing group of performers a great opportunity to present their talent to the community, while being conveniently located downtown.”
Dragon Theatre Produces “Soaring Above”
Director Parr continued, “As Dragon Theatre Productions continues in our mission to provide roles to any interested member of the community who can make the rehearsal commitment, we are seeing increased participation each year as more people hear about the program and as our performers invite friends and family to join in future shows. The growth, passion, and participation is fantastic, and we’re working hard to expand our creative team of costumers, running crew, and prop designers to help meet the demand. This year we opened our prop production sessions to the community through weekly workshops held at Imagination Space at The Citadel through a partnership with Concrete Couch. With this program, anyone can drop in and contribute to the design of the show. We also have a dynamic group of costumers, many of whom are parents of our performers. These costumers are working to create and sew over 60 costumes that are used in the show. Quite a huge undertaking to help us get this show together.”

Dragon Theatre Productions, a program of Imagination Celebration, is a completely community-inclusive theater project that welcomes anyone willing to make the rehearsal and performance commitment to have the opportunity to perform, regardless of race, age, disability, or income. The script has been adapted to showcase the unique talents and abilities of the performers in a fun and cooperative environment. This creates a true community theater setting that gives all interested members of the community the experience of working in live theater, some of whom may have been excluded from working in competitive theater opportunities.
Where: Cornerstone Arts Theater
825 North Cascade Avenue- Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Tickets at the door or in advance at www.dragontheatreproductions.com

$10 Adults / $5 Students

When: Friday, Aug. 3 7:30 pm
Saturday, Aug. 4 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm

Call (719) 387-9015 for more information.



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