2:08 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Hispanic Business Community

Allstate Insurance Teams Up with the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to Offer Group and Individual Supplemental Plans

As part of its efforts to meet the unique needs of the Hispanic business community, Allstate is now offering group and individual supplemental plans to members of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (FSHCC).


Allstate’s group and individual plans available to FSHCC through this agreement will include services above those offered in the Allstate’s standard plans.


“This opportunity to work with Allstate is critical to our Hispanic business community in Florida,” said Julio Fuentes, FSHCC president and CEO. “Affordable and quality health care for the employer and employees is essential to the growth of any business.


We are proud to be working alongside Allstate to provide excellent benefits to our members in Florida.”


FSHCC members will also be able to obtain the best insurance products with many exclusive programs and discounts only available to Chamber Members through Benefits Registry.



Allstate Benefits located in Jacksonville, Fla., a leader in providing Employee Voluntary Benefits for employers’ national wide since 1956. Allstate Benefits is a FSHCC Partner and Trustee since 2010.


About Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Julio Fuentes, President and CEO, established the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 2000 as the first and only statewide business advocacy organization concentrated on the Hispanic business community in Florida. Ever since, FSHCC tremendously developed into one of the state’s most powerful organization of employers, chambers of commerce and associations. FSHCC mission is to promote the economic advancement Florida’s Hispanic community, with a focus on economic and political empowerment, and public advocacy to improve the quality of life in the state of Florida. For more information, visit www.fshcc.com.



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