2:25 am - Monday December 11, 2017

Hispanic Bloggeras Campaign

Maseca® launched a website and campaign with the aptly penned main
tagline of “Maseca Nos Gusta.” The website clearly reinforces Maseca®
as a staple in Latin recipes, but also shines a light on its healthy
and nutritious qualities.

To help drive the message home, Maseca has partnered up with Latina
Bloggers Connect and ten bloggers from varied Latino heritage
backgrounds to develop content and amplify the brand’s initiatives as
Amigas Blogueras.

The campaign produced by VRTCCOM, Maseca agency of record, capitalized
on the image of Chef Maggie Jimenez to engage in already established
brand initiatives such as Maseca pays your bills in which the chef
surprises consumers in supermarkets paying their bills. During the
campaign, photos and videos of Maggie Jimenez appear on the page of
mimaseca.com; inviting the consumers to meet her in-person during the
promotion. The brand evolution was strengthened by the growth of
mimaseca.com and Maseca Fan Page on Facebook where consumers through
kitchen tips, healthy recipes and live chats interact with Maggie and
can learn about the benefits of the product as well as participating
in promotions.

The ten well-known bloggers, who blog in Spanish, English and both,
are creating posts to appear both on their sites and on MiMaseca.com
blog. The bloggers are such an integral part of the campaign they even
have their own tab on the site’s main navegation menu which takes you
to a splash page with all their photos, bios and links. Check it out.


This is definitely a brand/blogger relationship to watch as it
develops since both Maseca and the bloggers alike are investing time,
energy and resources into it and both parties are fans of each other.

“It is our philosophy that for our communication to be effective, it
must be simple and personal touching the consumer’s five senses with
the goal of reaching their hearts”, said Octavio Orozco, co-founder
VRTCCOM integrates the resources of the three offices in Los Angeles,
Houston and Mexico Guadalajara to offer companies and organizations
with creative ideas and an innovated approach. The mission of VRTCCOM
is to work with clients such as American Honda, Maseca®, Puerto
Vallarta e Isadora in the design, production and implementation of
effective and innovative communication strategies.



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