10:02 am - Thursday December 14, 2017

Give Back While on Vacation

National Peace Corps Association Launches New
Initiative to Give Back While on Vacation

Next Step Travel program allows interested travelers the opportunity to serve overseas

The National Peace Corps Association, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization supporting Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and the Peace Corps community, recently announced it has launched a global service program called Next Step Travel. The  new initiative will allow interested travelers, including Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and their friends and family, the opportunity to serve overseas while on vacation.

“Once you’ve served in the Peace Corps, it’s hard to take a traditional vacation,” said Anne Baker, vice president of the National Peace Corps Association. “Spending two years working at the grassroots level really makes you understand a country from the inside out. Now, we’ve created a travel program that highlights the best parts of that experience in just two weeks.”

Under the program, small groups of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and others will join together for two weeks of in-country service and travel and learn about the work of volunteers and other non-government organizations. They’ll also lend a hand on a small grassroots project and travel around the local sights.

The Next Step Travel program is similar to alumni travel initiatives which have become increasingly popular at colleges and universities around the country. Because of the unique nature of the Peace Corps experience, it has the additional elements of service and adventure. The first trips will be offered beginning in October to the Dominican Republic and to Guatemala in small groups of 20 and will be operated by Discover Corps, which is a program of Terra

Education, an experienced leader in educational travel.  “At the National Peace Corps Association, we spend a lot of time working with and mentoring Returned Peace Corps Volunteers,” added Baker. “Even though they’ve served in varying years in wildly different parts of the world, they have certain personality traits in common. They like helping other people, they’re curious about the world, and they have a sense of adventure. In short, they’re ideal travel companions.” 

To sign up and learn more about the National Peace Corps Association’s Next Step Travel program, visit: http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/resources/next-step-travel



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