3:13 pm - Thursday December 17, 4303

Stay Vigilant: Fire Still a Real Possibility

Waldo Fire with Pikes Peak in the background

Photo by Daniel Chaparro

Citizen’s Asked to Adhere to Fire Restrictions and Stay Alert

As evacuations get lifted and roadways open in the Waldo Canyon Fire area, Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services Bureau would like to impress upon our citizens and guests that fire restrictions and the conditions that made them necessary have not changed. Limited resources in our surrounding communities, high temperatures, low humidity and no precipitation all mean the restrictions will remain in place, at least until the middle of July.

Below are the Stage II restrictions still in place in Pueblo County:

1.      No outdoor welding (case by case exemptions available)

2.      No outdoor smoking.

3.      Spark arresters required on all terrain vehicles and chainsaws.

4.      No fireworks sale or use. (Community Displays have received written exemption)

5.      No Recreational Burning (to include enclosed fires such as chiminea’s or backyard fireplaces, barrels, or  pits)

6.      No Charcoal Grills.  (*propane grilling is still permitted)

7.      No Campfires or Agricultural Burns.

Penalties will include fines, confiscations, and mandatory court appearances.


“Waldo Canyon is one fire, there are nearly a dozen still active in our state and the potential for more is as great as ever.  Now is not the time to become lax, everyone must be as vigilant as ever to protect our county from the risk of wild land fire” said Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor.



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