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EvaFe Impacts Univision

Eva FeEvaFe arrived in the big city of Houston for an early morning live performance on Univision’s Channel 45 Alegre Despertar Morning show.  EvaFe kicked off a full day with a performance of her hit single Oxygen (Breathe) and sat down with morning show host Adriana “LA Complice”.

After her performance EvaFe was engaged in a host of interviews of local shows and magazines, including Azteca America Houston with Andrea Gomez (pictured), Latino Mix Magazine with Victor Vela, representatives of Plan B TV for the show Viva la Noche.  To cap off the day EvaFe visited with Frecuencia Activa Houston and host Susy Barbosa for a taping to be aired this week.  “This was an early exhilarating, non-stop day, as well as an unexpected welcoming by Houston’s latin media.  

“I met so many wonderful people today and everyone was so positive and receptive to my music.  I love it!” – EvaFe

EvaFe is an American pop singer and songwriter discovered by members of the Otis Redding Legacy in 2009, while performing at a Latin nightclub in the heart of the Atlanta’s club district. Soon thereafter, EvaFe inked a recording contract with Fuego Music Group and quickly developed into the face and talent of Atlanta’s international dance pop scene. EvaFe’s style, personality and vocal ability allows her to be able to sing and perform all styles of music, ranging from spanish and latin pop to american pop and dance. With a natural latin flare and a distinctive crisp but smooth voice, EvaFe is exactly what pop culture has been missing and what her latin heritage has been waiting for.

EvaFe honed her vocals under the direction of Jan Smith — the prominent celebrity vocal producer/coach, and is creating a huge buzz with her debut club smash “Oxygen”. EvaFe has taken her multicultural influences and concocted a Latin-inspired, new age sound that is rapidly gaining steam with dj’s and fans inhaling the sleek pop hit that is “Oxygen”. EvaFe has released several remixes of the song including two videos and a third to complete the Oxygen Trilogy and to be released early 2012. EvaFe is currently recording her first studio album with “Oxygen” as the first single, with a highly anticipated follow up single to be released in March of 2012 and additional singles and an album “Caloroso” set for a summer of 2012 release. Each single demonstrates a wealth of versatility and embraces a unique sound that is EvaFe.

Early Life & Career Beginnings:
EvaFe was born just outside Chicago, Illinois and spent most of her early childhood in South Texas and in her homeland of Mexico. The youngest of four children, EvaFe was raised in a close-knit, first generation Mexican American family. EvaFe was introduced to music in the church, and learned to harmonize from her mother and by age 4 was confidently performing on stage. As a teen in Minnesota, EvaFe was home schooled for a couple years and became a lead singer in a Pop Rock band that toured throughout the U.S. at a variety of city and community sponsored events. Upon graduation, she moved to Atlanta where she developed a swag and incorporated every aspect of her life into what now can be heard clearly in her songs.

Musical Style & Influences:
Mariachi and salsa were early influencers of EvaFe’s music — as a teen, she began listening more to mainstream American artists such as Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce. EvaFe’s international-pop style is most inspired by Selena, Gloria Estefan, and Shakira — sister Latinas whom she admires first and foremost for their humanitarian work, and secondly for their successful crossover of authentic Latin music.

Community Work:

EvaFe is very active in the Latin-Atlanta community as a role model and as a voice. She volunteers for several organizations including — Good Guides of Goodwill, National Latina Business Women Association (NLBWA), and Hands On Atlanta. Faith, love, and compassion drive EvaFe’s deep commitment to mentoring and educating at risk, teenage Mexican American girls — this work keeps her balanced and at peace.

EvaFe, whose name means “faith”, epitomizes the word and is presently working to establish Fe Legacies, an international education nonprofit that will provide a chance at success for Latino families that need fundamental guidance and assistance.



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