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El Paso County Disaster Recovery Center Transitions

Disaster Recovery Center Transitions to Telephone and Internet Service:

DRC to Close Spruce Street Location

Colorado Springs, CO, July 12, 2012 – The El Paso County Disaster Recovery Center will transition from store-front, face-to-face service, to telephone and internet to provide resources and information to El Paso County citizens impacted by the Waldo Canyon Fire. The DRC office at 105 North Spruce Street has served more than 2,000 residents in the last two weeks. On Monday, July 16, DRC information and referral services will move to Citizens Service Center at 1675 Garden of the Gods Road.


“We’re transitioning from the old DHS building to the Citizens Service Center,” said Deputy County Administrator Monnie Gore, who is Director of Operations for the Disaster Recovery Center. “We’ve seen a reduction in traffic volume at the DRC. That was always expected. The initial plan was to give residents a one-stop shop to provide them with easy access to all the service agencies they need during the fire. We always knew the number of people needing that assistance would diminish and fully staffing the DRC would no longer be needed. We’ve reached that point.”


“We’re still here to help,” Gore said. “The phone bank will be up and running on Monday. We’ll have all the service providers’ information and be able to direct residents to their local offices for assistance.”


The DRC call center will remain open and people are encouraged to call (719) 444-8300 with questions. County volunteers and staff are manning the phones to provide information on the programs and services offered by more than 30 nonprofits, government agencies, and private businesses who have partnered with the county in the operation of the DisasterRecovery Center. New hours for the DRC are 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.


Links to updated information are also available at the Disaster Recovery Center’s website at



The center was established to bring together the resources of multiple non-profit and governmental agencies offering assistance to all El Paso County residents impacted by the Waldo Canyon Fire.  The county has been working with the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and the Division of Emergency Management to provide a central location where residents can access their insurance companies and get information from government agencies, non-profit groups and private sector participants


Citizens with specific questions relating to City of Colorado Springs neighborhood and volunteer efforts to clean up and rebuild in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood will be referred to http://www.coloradospringstogether.org/ or may call (719) 385-2000.


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