4:50 pm - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Deep Detoxification for “Bath Salts” Users’ Recoveries

The recent rash of erratic and dangerous behavior resulting from use of the illicit drug called “bath salts” raises the question of what drug treatment will be needed for these people to fully recover. Forty-five years of experience leads Narconon Arrowhead to recommend their thorough detoxification step.

Hardly a day goes by that there’s not a fresh news story about someone in serious trouble because of the illicit drug being called “bath salts.” The incidents very often include injury to the drug user or to someone nearby, increasing the need for an effective method of bringing bath salts users back to sobriety after addiction.

One of the latest confirmed incidents came from an LA Times report. This incident in Glendale, California, involved a man hitting a 77-year-old woman with a shovel. She told him to stop swinging the shovel at some birds and he entered her home and hit her on the head. He was arrested after police had to use both a Taser and rubber bullets to subdue him.

Other news reports from Fox News tell about a West Virginia man who raped and killed a goat, a Louisiana man who bit off a piece of a man’s face during a fight, and other similarly violent, irrational behavior.

Could This be the Next Bath Salts Story?

In a story provided by the Houston Press, a woman with three children in the car had an accident with a city bus, shaking up her children and injuring one. Instead of tending to the children, she walked into a nearby drugstore, removed all her clothes and sat in the store while she ate ice cream. She tried to fight off policemen when they came to arrest her. She remains in jail. Those who have abused bath salts often become overheated and seek relief by removing their clothes, giving a hint that bath salts may have been involved in this case.

Bringing About Lasting Recovery after Use of Dangerous Drugs

There’s not a dangerous drug on the illicit market that is not also addictive. This means that even though the person sees the damage that is occurring, the cravings he (or she) feels for the drug compel him to abuse it again. For a person to remain sober, these cravings must be reduced or eliminated.

“At Narconon Arrowhead, we have a unique method of helping a person recover from the brutal effects of these highly toxic synthetic drugs,” said Derry Hallmark, Director of Admissions at this premier drug rehab in Oklahoma. “Our

innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification Program helps those in treatment on our program leave the cravings behind and recover the ability to think clearly again.”

This detoxification phase of the overall treatment program utilizes time in a sauna, generous nutritional supplements and daily exercise to flush out the toxins that drugs leave behind. When this step is complete, these residual toxins no longer affect a person’s thinking. Those completing this step often talk about the brighter outlook on life they now possess and many say that their cravings for drugs or drink are gone.

“Once recovering addicts are through this phase of recovery, they are liberated to look at how they can build new, drug-free lives for themselves,” Mr. Hallmark added. “Anyone who has been addicted to toxic synthetics like bath salts needs this kind of detoxification to thoroughly complete their recovery.”



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