9:24 pm - Monday December 11, 2017

Colorado Springs Lifts Burn Ban

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, July 10, 2012 – Recent precipitation events have reduced the local wildfire danger.  Fuel moisture levels and increased relative humidities are making trees, brush, grasses and weeds less vulnerable to ignition.


Fire Marshal Brett Lacey stated, “we have experienced extreme fire conditions recently, but weather conditions are improving and we can go back to restrictions.”


Fire Marshal Lacey also noted that, “Colorado Springs will go back to fire restrictions effective at 8:00am MST Wednesday July 11, 2012.”  For guidelines on burn restrictions please see attached guidelines.


Even though we are going back to burn restrictions, everyone is asked to take extra precautions to prevent wildfires including continuing mitigation efforts.  Also remember that just because we are lifting the ban, there is still a potential for wildfire.  Take extra caution on hot, dry, windy days.


Residents are encouraged to “Share the Responsibility” and reduce their wildfire risk by implementing Wildfire Mitigation concepts in their landscaping.  Wildfire hazard ratings for individual addresses are available at http://csfd.springsgov.com.


(PDF) Guidelines for Bonfires, Open Burning, Recreational Fires, Consumer Fireworks, Burn Restrictions and Burn Bans




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