3:14 pm - Saturday December 18, 3790

Citizens Appreciate State Troopers


· Six Colorado State Troopers will be honored tomorrow for their positive actions. Five for their outstanding in the apprehension of the Dougherty siblings fugitive arrests and one for his outstaning service in the eventual apprehension of a criminal.


· Following the C.A.S.T. Awards, 32 college bound students will receive the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation scholarships.



· Governor’s Mansion– The Governor’s Residence

Parking located on the S/W corner of 8th Avenue and Logan Street at 11:30 a.m.



THE CITIZENS APPRECIATE STATE TROOPERS (C.A.S.T.) AWARDS presented, when applicable, to Colorado State Troopers who have performed in an outstanding manner in the performance of their duties on behalf of the people of the State of Colorado.


The Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation is proud to announce the awarding of twenty eight $1,000 General Award Scholarships and four $2,500.00 Wohler’s Scholarships.



· The C.A.S.T. Committee

· Colonel James Wolfinbarger, Chief/Colorado State Patrol

· The Troopers being commended and their families.

· The students receiving scholarships and their families.



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