3:13 pm - Tuesday December 17, 3624

Chicago Woman Dies After Botched Abortion

Tonya Reaves’ family mourns as it tries to figure out what went wrong at Planned Parenthood facility

Less than a week after the Obama administration pledged to continue funding Planned Parenthood, a woman died after having an abortion at one of the organization’s facilities.

Chicago resident Tonya Reaves, 24, was pronounced dead on July 20 at Northwest Memorial Hospital just hours after going through a Dilation and Evacuation abortion at a local Planned Parenthood facility. Abortion provider use the D&E method when a pregnancy has advanced beyond the first trimester. The operation consists of opening the cervix and removing the child after it is dismembered. An autopsy revealed that Reaves died from hemorrhage following the abortion.

Her death has been ruled an accident.

Operation Rescue, a pro-life Christian activist organization, was the first to release a statement about the incident and are calling for President Obama to halt federal funding and personal support for Planned Parenthood.




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