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Carla Hassett

“Carla Hassett creates music that fuses elements from Brazil and America into a sizzling contemporary style with traces of samba, jazz, pop and soul. Hassett’s secret ingredient is her ability to sing in two languages (Portuguese and English). There is absolutely no language barrier when it comes to expressing her passion for music. Her vocal range is dynamic…smooth transitions from soft and subtle to deep and sultry – without a crack or stutter – can captivate even the hardest of hearts. Hassett’s smile alone, could light up a room, but her love for music is what caught it afire!”

Allegra Azzoparti – MUSIC CONNECTION 

“Do you like samba? Bossa nova? American soul? Then you will love Carla Hassett, a Brazilian-born artist now based in Los Angeles. Carla is down-to-earth and grounded. Her presence is warm and inviting. I love her sense of humor.” Darlene Kiloglu – LA MUSIC BLOG

“I’m impressed with songwriters who can write in multiple languages and still manage to keep their music authentic, and Carla Hassett achieves that, writing in both English and Portuguese. Carla Hassett will no doubt gain well-deserved attention for her work.”

Elisa Padilla – URB 

“Carla Hassett emphasizes her Brazilian roots to be enjoyed by the American audience. Carla Hassett offers a diverse range of emotions and tone, constantly changing how the listener wants to interpret her music.”

Andrew Schwartz – THE ROCKIT

“Hassett has a smoky voice and an eclectic taste in songs.”


 “Carla Hassett is an L.A. gal by way of Brazil, who is as eclectic in her music and outlook as you could ever expect.  When the spotlight focuses its beam on her, you get quite a show.”


Carla Hassett’s latest bi-lingual (Portuguese and English) album, CIRCULO, which explores the full-circle journey of Carla’s musical inspirations from her Brazilian roots to her upbringing in the heart of the Midwest. CIRCULO will be released later this summer. It will be available on iTunes.

Listen to, Janela, from Carla Hassett’s CIRCULO:

Visit Carla Hassett online:






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