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Basketball: Cordell Davenport Visits Las Vegas

Basketball Self Improvement Author Cordell Davenport Visits
Las Vegas High School AAU Tournaments and NBA Summer Leagues

Sports inspirational speaker
Cordell Davenport doesn’t just motivate aspiring basketball
athletes at high schools and colleges, he goes one-on-one
with them during the most intense periods of their lives —
at the Las Vegas basketball tournaments that can decide
their futures.

Coaches can call 510-863-0740 to have Davenport speak to
their teams during the tournaments on his favorite topic,
“Don’t Foul Out in the Game of Life.” Players and coaches
can tweet him @BTSCordell to locate where he will be in Las
Vegas (from July 18-28th) to receive the copy of his
one-page life-changing roadmap called “You Have To Be Who
You Want To Be, Before You Are Who You Want To Be!” which
contains the nine questions everyone must ask to be
successful in life after sports.

“I’ll be on hand to lend guidance, support and inspiration
to student athletes as they compete at a level they have
never been exposed to,” said Davenport, author of
“Basketball To Success: How To Be The Prepared Student
Athlete and Not Foul Out In Life.”

When the NBA Summer League comes to Las Vegas, Davenport
will be there to provide counseling and support to students
athletes and aspiring NBA players. He’ll stay for the AAU
high school tournaments that also make Las Vegas the
basketball capital of America for one month.

“The pressure on student athletes is intense at these
tournaments. First of all, their futures are at stake. Will
they get the attention of college coaches? Will they get
recruited by top schools? I can help them cope with the
pressures and help them see the big picture,” said
Davenport, a former college athlete who now advises
basketball coaches and basketball students at the high
school and college levels.

“I have a genuine interest in helping basketball players. I
speak their language. Basketball is my passion and
self-improvement is my lifestyle. I’ll be happy to speak to
their entire teams, or one-on-one with them and even meet
with their parents and coaches,” said Davenport who founded
Basketball to Success, an association for current and former
basketball players to network, get career advice and learn
how to grow with self-improvement.

Davenport is also available for interviews with the media.
Interviews can be scheduled immediately for future
broadcasts or printings. To schedule an interview with
Cordell Davenport, please call 510-863-0740 or e-mail

“Years later they will wish they could go back and do things
differently, but unfortunately it is too late. They are a
day late and a dollar short. If they were focused and
prepared to better themselves, they could avoid life
obstacles,” said Davenport, a popular speaker on high school
and college campuses.

Athletes, parent and coaches can download Davenport’s free,
special report called “Be The Point Guard of Your Career.
How To Find Your Path After School,” by going to

The Basketball to Success book mentions 5 “Foul Out Habits”:

1. Players waste a lot of energy without getting where
they really want to go.

2. Players don’t bother to learn the rules and
principles of self-improvement.

3. Players hang around the “wrong” crowd.

4. Players don’t take accountability of their actions.

5. Players don’t have self-discipline.

To get a copy of Basketball to Success, go to

About Basketball to Success and Cordell Davenport

Basketball to Success (http://www.BasketballToSuccess.com)
is an association for current and former basketball players
to network, get career advice and learn how to grow with
self-improvement. Their focus is on the person and not the
player. They desire all members to prepare for their future
by creating it today. Our products, services and events
create MOMENTUM in members’ lives.

Cordell Davenport is CEO of Basketball to Success, a
professional training company specializing in helping
basketball student athletes become students of
self-improvement and helping colleges and high schools
inspire and motivate their basketball student athletes to
play up to their potential on and off the court.

Known as the “Playmaker of Progress,” Cordell is a popular
speaker at high schools and colleges as well as association
meetings of coaches and sports executives. His focus is on
how to use basketball “as a ladder in life” so that the
players can become successful after school by creating the
correct thoughts, beliefs, habits and goals now.

Cordell, a former NCAA student athlete, is a successful
businessperson who has excelled in outside sales and
consulting positions for Cedar Sinai Hospital, Kaiser
Permanente, UC San Francisco and University of Minnesota
Medical Center/Fairview. He is also an entrepreneur who
co-founded YPA Basketball, a clothing company that was
featured on ESPN.



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