8:40 pm - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Back-to-School? Don’t Forget This!

That time of year is right around the corner: back-to-school madness! So when you’re driving around to pick up new clothes and pencils, don’t forget the most important stop for your child:

The doctor’s office.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that most children be vaccinated against:
• tetanus
• diphtheria
• hepatitis B
• measles, mumps and rubella (all in one shot!)

All of these diseases can cause serious health problems … and many schools won’t allow children to attend unless they are current on their vaccinations.

TRICARE Covers It!
That’s right: TRICARE will cover all age-appropriate vaccinations, as recommended by the CDC. If you’re not sure what the CDC recommends, just visit www.cdc.gov/vaccines.

And even though it’s early now, remember to begin planning for your child’s seasonal flu shot. Nine out of 10 healthy people who get one, don’t get the flu—and TRICARE covers these vaccinations, too.

Before Visiting the Doc’s Office, Remember …

1) Update DEERS: Always double check your information in DEERS and make sure everything is current—phone numbers, addresses, etc.
2) Bring your Military I.D. card: This is what the doctor’s office will use to confirm your TRICARE eligibility. And it’s OK if the staff at the office copy it.
3) Look up your health care provider’s information on TriWest.com: If you haven’t already, register for a secure TriWest.com account. Registered users can view all their primary care manager’s information online, before running to the doctor’s office!



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