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16 More Radio Stations Reporting to the Roots

The Roots Music Field as per the Recording Academy “The Grammy Awards”. Americana,-Bluegrass, Blues, Folk, Hawaiian, Native American
Help support Roots Music by reporting your stations airplay totals to Roots Music Report.
Online reporting to RMR is a free service for radio professionals.
RMR tracks then compiles Blues, Jazz, Roots Rock, Bluegrass, Roots/Americana Country, True Country & Folk radio airplay charts.
No sales reports or DJ picks are included in the chart rankings. Only radio spin totals regulate chart positions.

Roots Music Report is proud to welcome the following radio station professionals that signed up and are now reporting to the RMR Radio Airplay Charts within the past 2 months.

First Name: Jim
Last Name: McGrath
Position: Volunteer DJ
City: Rochester
State: NY
Call Letters: WGMC
Freq: 90.1
Website: http://www.jazz901.org

First Name: Keith
Last Name: Ratliff
Position: Owner
City: Calumet
State: MN
Call Letters: Eagle Nest Radio
Freq: Eagle Nest Radio
Website: http://www.eaglenestradio.com

Chip Morgan. Program Director
Kathy Morgan Music Director
Farm Fresh Radio
WCLX FM 102.9

First Name: Becky
Last Name: Buller Haley
Position: DJ : Bluegrass Thunder
City: Manchester
State: TN
Call Letters: WMSR
Freq: 1320 am, 107.9 fm, internet
Website: http://thunder1320.com

First Name: Dave
Last Name: Raven
Position: Presenter of Blues Music
City: Hampton
Country: United Kingdom
Call Letters: Talk Radio Europe
Freq: 8 different syndicated stations on FM radio

First Name: Ian
Last Name: McKenzie
Position: DJ
City: Prairie City
State: KS
Call Letters: Blues Before Midnight
Freq: Internet
Website: http://www.kconlineradio.com
First Name: Richard
Last Name: Graves
Position: Manager
City: Abingdon
State: VA
Call Letters: WEHC
Freq: 90.7
Website: http://www.ehc.edu/wehc
First Name: Thom
Last Name: Rogers
Position: Owner
City: Larkspur
State: CO
Call Letters: Blues Debut
Freq: Internet
Website: http://www.bluesdebut.com
First Name: Randolph
Last Name: Michaud
Position: PD
City: Mapleton
State: ME
Call Letters: CCR
Freq: Internet
Website: http://www.live365/stations/rmichaud42
First Name: CARL
Last Name: JARRELL
Position: HOST
City: Tram
State: Kentucky
Call Letters: WSIP
Freq: 98.9fm

First Name: Marty
Last Name: McKinney
Position: Sales Manager/ Bluegrass & Folk Music Director
City: Martin
State: KY
Call Letters: WMDJ
Freq: 100.1FM
Website: http://www.wmdjfm.com
First Name: Rebecca
Last Name: Humble
Position: DJ/PD
City: Abilene
State: TX
Call Letters: KBCY
Freq: syndicated

First Name: Angela
Last Name: Osborne
Position: Administrative Assistant and radio personality
City: Stanton
State: KY
Call Letters: WSKV
Freq: 104.9
Website: http://wskvfm.com

First Name: Gerald
Last Name: Gaule
Position: Owner
City: Albany
State: OR
Call Letters: KIVC
Freq: 1700
Website: http://www.qrz.com/db/ke7ggv

First Name: Arbie
Last Name: Fru
Position: Music Director
City: Nanaimo, BC
Country: Canada
Call Letters: CHLY
Freq: 101.7 mhz
Website: http://chly.ca

First Name: Annette
Last Name: Grady
Position: Radio Personality
City: Greenville
State: NC
Call Letters: WNCT
Freq: 1070 AM
Website: http://1070wnct.com


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This weeks featured SYNDICATED RADIO SHOW

you to one of the finest Outlaw Radio Shows to hit the airwaves in quite some time.

The Rowdy Radio Show is a one hour syndicated radio program that gives the listeners what they want to hear: upbeat outlaw country with rowdy commentary that is clean, fun, interactive with the listeners and great music that they will hear nowhere else but on YOUR station because it is exclusive to only one station in your listening area.

Rowdy also does exclusive interviews with bands such as Reckless Kelly, Ray Wylie Hubbard, The Tennessee Three, Chuck Mead and more! This show is sure to put a smile on your listener’s faces and wanting to come back for more. Gain more listeners and more revenue by airing the Rowdy Radio Show today!

Stations currently airing the Rowdy Radio Show:

KQBA 107.5 Santa Fe, NM Saturdays at 6pm MST – 100K Watts

KSYC 103.9 Yreka, CA Saturdays at 10am PST – 10K Watts

KDOL 96.1 Livingston, TX Mondays at 9pm CST – N Houston, TX

KDOL 96.1 Livingston, TX Fridays at 4pm CST

KHID 88.1 McAllen, TX Saturdays at 3pm CST – Covering the Texas Valley

KMBH 88.9 Harlingen, TX Saturdays at 3pm CST

89.8 Enkoping/Stockholm, Sweden Wednesdays at 8am

89.8 Enkoping/Stockholm, Sweden Fridays at 11pm

Takilma FM Eugene, OR Mondays at 6pm PST

Outlaw Radio Chicago Wednesdays at 8pm

Wildman Steve Radio Thursdays at 8pm

Roothog Radio Wednesdays at 7pm

Roothog Radio Thursdays at 10 am

TBJS Radio Saturdays at 8pm CST

CMG Radio Tuesdays at 8pm

What other radio stations are saying about the radio show:

“We love airing the Rowdy Radio Show. Rowdy plays great music and our listeners love it!
-Mark Baird, 103.9 KSYC

“We received such a great response airing the Rowdy Radio Show that we had to start airing it twice a week!”
-Jim Wolfe, 96.1 KDOL

“Rowdy has a great radio personality and always plays a great selection of music and hearing him on the air makes me smile.”
-Earl Poole Ball (Johnny Cash, The Byrds, Buck Owens, Gram Parsons & more)

“Rowdy is very knowledgeable about music and I always learn something while listening to his program.”
-Len Brown, 91.7 KOOP
To obtain the Rowdy Radio show for your station.
Listen to samples of the show here http://radiosubmit.com/rs/Rowdy_Radio/
or contact: Martin “Rowdy” Tijmes
Phone 512-722-3619



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