3:13 pm - Friday December 18, 6218

100 Days of Heat

The Colorado State Patrol (CSP) continued the summer-long 100 Days of Heat campaign to eliminate drunk driving and lower crashes across the state this holiday weekend.  From June 29th until July 5, Troopers maintained high-visibility saturation patrols to stop drivers who made the poor choice to drink and drive.


During this time frame, Troopers made 485 misdemeanor arrests and 47 felony arrests statewide.  Included among those arrested were 112 DUI or DUID drivers.  Troopers also issued 217 seatbelt citations.


The numbers for the Independence Day holiday (July 4, midnight to midnight) consisted of 88 misdemeanor and six felony arrests, 50 seatbelt citations and 17 DUI/DUID arrests.


Despite ample warning and the increased presence of law enforcement, two fatal crashes resulting in two fatalities occurred on July 4.  Alcohol and lack of seatbelt use are suspected as contributing factors in one of the fatal crashes.


The Colorado State Patrol also participated in a joint venture with the Colorado Department of Transportation, MADD, and the Colorado Rockies by signing up nearly 1,000 designated drivers before and during Friday nights game at Coors Field as the Rockies defeated the San Diego Padres.


The Colorado State Patrol reminds residents to continue driving safely and courteously, to designate a sober driver before drinking, and to always wear a seatbelt.





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