3:31 pm - Monday December 18, 2017

Kyara Velez, 1 win no losses

One day in mid January 2012, 11yr old Kyara Velez walked into Ybarras Boxing Club wanting to learn how to box.

She had a glow to her face when she saw the boxing ring, and she quickly asked, is that the ring I’ll be boxing in? Head Coach Joe Ybarra and Asst Head Coach Pedro Arellano looked at her and asked, why do you want to box and she replied, I think I’ll be good at it. So Kyara began working out three times a week from 5-7 pm and putting in extra running miles when she could.

The desire and dedication to succeed showed in her training. Her self-esteem and discipline gives her the willingness to succeed in and out of the ring.

Kyaras father Issael Velez a 1st Lt. in the Army at Ft. Carson, is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Kyara would have liked to have her father there for her first bout, but she understands that her dad is in another type of fight protecting us from harm’s way. That’s why this young girl athlete is so special in her own way. The coaches are really impressed with her ability to learn the art of boxing. Kyara pays attention to detail on every combination,

Her mother Linda Velez is also a big inspiration in her life, while her husband is away in Afghanistan she has the burden of both Kyara and her little sister Layla who is only six years old.

Coach Luis ” Joe” Ybarra is really impressed with her progress in which this weekend she won her first boxing bout. She out boxed and out pointed her opponent from “One Springs Boxing” in Denver this weekend. Kyara defeated Veronica Medina in the 11yr old 100 lb weight division.

The coaching staff believes that Kyaras willingness to be the best in boxing could take her a long way in the future but for right now she misses her dad and dedicated this fight to him.

”CONGRATULATIONS KYARA” a job well done. Ybarras Boxing Club would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, MacDonald’s, L&S Enterprise and Leonelas Carniceria and all the donors that make this all possible THANK YOU AGAIN.




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