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El Paso County Sets Up Services at Remote Locations‏

Citizens Service Center Closed Until Further Notice

Colorado Springs, CO, June   27, 2012 –Due to the Waldo Canyon Fire, the El   Paso County Citizens Service Center is closed until further notice.  To provide citizens with critical services   the county has made the following arrangements:Department   of Human Services

  •   Economic Assistance including food assistance   services will be available at 17 N. Spruce (the old DHS building) beginning   at 1pm Thursday June 28
  •   Child and Adult Protective   Services –   caseworkers are taking and working from remote locations.  The Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline at   444-5700 and Adult Abuse and Neglect Intake Line at 444-5755 are staffed and   taking calls as usual.


Public   Health

  •   Public   Health’s usual information line at (719) 578-3199 will be staffed to   answer questions about birth and death certificates, clinics and   immunizations
  •   Women Infant and Children (WIC) staff   will be offering food vouchers (only for clients who are in need of infant   formula or need special formula) to clients that usually have appointments at   the Citizen Services Center. The alternate location for WIC clients is on the   Southeast part of the County at 97 Widefield Blvd., Widefield, CO, 80911;   call (719) 578-3199.


Pikes   Peak Workforce Center

  •   Basic processing for unemployment insurance claims will be   available at:

Pikes Peak Workforce Center at the Lorraine Center

301 E. Iowa Avenue

Fountain, Colorado 80817
(719) 444-8311


  •   Most frequently requested services including search of   property records are available online


Treasurer  – Delinquent June tax   payments will be accepted when Treasurer’s Office reopens July 3rd   at Citizens Service Center


Clerk   and Recorder

  •   All functions except recording and public search of paper documents  are available at the 3 other locations Southeast   – At the corner of Airport and Powers, Union Town Center at 8830 N. Union   Blvd. and Centennial Hall at 200 S. Cascade
  •   The Clerk expects to complete the processing of a relatively   few remaining uncounted ballots as soon as it is safe to do so.   






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